31 May, 2019

Dry Fly Fishing Season Has Begun – 2019


Dry Fly Fishing Season Big Hole River With the start of the Mother's Day Caddis hatch, dry fly fishing season on the Big Hole River has begun. The hatch, which was seen in the Maiden Rock area on May 29th, is late this year. Spring was slow to come to the northern Rockies due [...]

Dry Fly Fishing Season Has Begun – 20192019-10-21T14:25:47-06:00
7 June, 2018

2018 Salmonfly Hatch Has Begun!


BIG HOLE'S SALMONFLY HATCH 2018 Hatch Has Begun! 06-07-2018 We are seeing salmonflies on the Big Hole River. The river is swollen, yet receding after a heavy snowmelt. However, the fishing is heating up. A western angler's favorite hatch, the salmonfly hatch, has begun on the Big Hole. Big Bugs, Big Fish These are [...]

2018 Salmonfly Hatch Has Begun!2018-06-07T11:45:46-06:00
23 March, 2018

Bugs of the Big Hole – Part 1


Bugs of the Big Hole River Hatches - Part One As winter gives way to spring and the snowpack recedes to the mountain peaks, the Big Hole River awakens and comes alive. Fishing begins on the Big Hole as the calendar heralds spring's arrival. At that time, streamers and nymphs bring fishing success. But as the [...]

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